Regular Company Debuts Non-Regular New Products at Salone Satellite 2017

05.22.17 | By
Regular Company Debuts Non-Regular New Products at Salone Satellite 2017

Regular Company, a multidisciplinary design studio from Croatia, debuted a mini collection of new items that combine modern design with cutting edge technology. Using 3D printing and CNC carving, they explored process and materials with these new objects that were exhibited at SaloneSatellite 2017.

The h.3 chair is simple, yet impactful. It focuses on contrast — creating opposition in different ways. Whether it’s the cold architectural shape against the feminine, warm, backrest, the inspiration for the chairs comes from everyday metal structures.

The T.I lamp is a minimal lamp that is a take on the archetypal desk lamp. It has a simple mechanism that makes it easy to cast light in many different directions.

Next, this marble pestle and mortar has an intriguing modern shape, which turns a functional item into a sculptural object for the home.

Along with the pestle and mortar, they also created a set of marble serving trays, where they explore traditional craftsman techniques to create unique finishes on the stone. These finishes result in a special patina that develops after a few uses.

Lastly, the metal candle holder is meant to invoke memories of the past. It gives nod to old school portable candle holders, with a simple and poetic shape.

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