The Lounge Collection Takes a Relaxing Approach to the Daily Grind

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The Lounge Collection Takes a Relaxing Approach to the Daily Grind

The ongoing collaboration between Globe and the Eames Office has proved a fruitful venture over the years. Focusing upon the nexus between furniture design and skateboarding, the brands have worked together to interpret the Eames design perspective and creative process into numerous 4-wheeled collector items. Their newest addition to the Eames Office x Globe collection, the Eames Lounge Cruiser, draws inspiration from arguably the most iconic representation of the Eames design legacy, the Eames Lounge Chair.

Eames Lounge Cruiser in walnut and black set beside the Eames Lounge set on a small carpet.

Situated side-by-side with the Eames Lounge, both the Ash/White and Walnut/Black editions of the Eames Lounge Cruiser collection exhibit a similar bend for emphasizing the warmth and pliable nature of (maple) wood.

Detail shots of the embedded metal badges, deck bolts with the Eames logo, metal truck and wheels across the Eames Lounge cruiserboard.

Close up of Eames Office engraved logo across the Eames Lounge cruiserboard in Ash and White

As an homage, the limited-edition cruiserboards are an uncomplicated interpretation of the bent wood and leather lounger with subtle details, including embedded metal badges and deck bolts with the Eames logo. The simplicity plays into the relaxed and enduring spirit of the design classic, with the cruiserboard style emphasizing a more leisurely, yet playful approach to life.

Eames Lounge cruiserboard thrown into the air against the backdrop of Downtown Los Angeles' City Hall.

The three different color variations also come with varying sizing: the wider Eames Lounge Cruiser 30″ Cruiserboard in Ash and White measuring at 30” x 10” x 17”; the slimmer yet longer Eames Lounge Cruiser 32″ Cruiserboard in Walnut and Black edition measuring 32.2” x 8.6” x 14.5”; and lastly, the all-black Eames Lounge Longboard 38″ in Black Oak and Black stretches out even further at 37.5” x 10” x 28.25″.

Eames Lounge cruiserboard in Ash and White finish.

Of the three, our favorite is the lightest hued combination in Ash and White, a wide-sized reminder of our own youth spent cruising supermarket backlots, bombing downhills, and carving up embankments. But indicative of our grown-up aspirations, its the actual Eames Lounge and Ottoman in the same ash and off-white leather combination staged by Eames Office and Globe to advertise the limited edition release that now tops our wishlist.

Eames printed Dot Pattern tote with black nylon handle being held up by arm with tattoo

The boards also include an Eames printed Dot Pattern tote, further emphasizing while all three skateboards are very ride worthy, they’re more likely to be desired as a collectible rather than a means to tackle the daily grind.

Eames Lounge cruiserboard in Ash and White finish displayed from the top, side, and bottom.

The Eames Lounge 30″ Cruiser Ash/White retails for $260, the Eames Lounge 32″ Cruiser Walnut/Black for $250, and get ready to pony up $340 for the largest Eames Lounge 38″ Longboard Black Oak/Black. All three Eames Lounge skateboards are available via

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