Repair is Beautiful by Paulo Goldstein

Brazilian, London-based designer, artist and all-around maker Paulo Goldstein has lended his model-making talents to such films as The Fantastic Mr. Fox and Frankenweenie, but after receiving a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design from Central Saint Martins in London, it appears he is opening a whole new chapter. His graduate project, called “Repair is Beautiful” focuses on repairing broken objects from a craftsperson’s eye.

Repaired Anglepoise

He explains that this idea arose from solving every day frustrations, like encountering a broken object, and figuring out a way to repair it on our own.

A broken object delivers frustration because it doesn’t achieve its functionality, but the same principle applies to a broken system that caused the financial crisis, which has affected our lives since 2008. In a time of uncertainty, taking things into our own hands and having the feeling of control back can be very therapeutic. “Repair is Beautiful” aims to give back this feeling of control – by scaling down a major society problem to a human size and projecting frustration upon broken objects that can be repaired through design and craftsmanship. The final outcome is a collection of intriguingly repaired objects imbued with new meaning and functionality. The once rejected objects reflect the environment that created them and call us to question our society as a whole.

It’s pretty steampunkish.

Repaired Director’s Chair

Repaired Headphone

Repaired Ipod Shuffle (has been repaired with bones from spare ribs)

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