Rev Up Your Walls: Backdrop + Porsche Unveil Limited Edition Paint Collaboration

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Rev Up Your Walls: Backdrop + Porsche Unveil Limited Edition Paint Collaboration

Premium paint and wallcoverings brand Backdrop has joined forces with Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA) to create a limited-edition paint collection that pays homage to the iconic Porsche sports cars on their 75th anniversary. The partnership revisits historic Porsche paint colors and brings them into the realm of home interiors for the first time, allowing car or color enthusiasts to infuse their living spaces with the vibrancy and spirit that defines the Porsche legacy.

Color has always been an intrinsic part of the Porsche DNA, as recognizable as the sleek contours of its cars. The selection of the heritage colors for this collaboration was a process between Backdrop’s co-founder and creative director, Natalie Ebel, and the Porsche team. The result is a vivid, four-color series of hues that have historical importance: Ruby Star, Irish Green, Riviera Blue, and Speed Yellow.

four angled in a row vintage Porsche cars in vibrant colors matching large paint swatches behind them

Backdrop, founded in 2018 by Natalie and Caleb Ebel, set out to revolutionize the world of home painting, simplifying the arduous task of selecting the perfect color. With a curated palette of over 75+ colors, Backdrop has amassed a devoted following by celebrating bold design, playful style, and unconventional color names that inject a sense of whimsy into the typically arduous painting experience. Their philosophy centers around the belief that paint is not merely a hardware store purchase but a deliberate design choice that has the power to transform spaces and evoke emotions.

From Natalie: “Everything we do at Backdrop centers around our love of color. Naturally, we jumped at the chance to work with an iconic brand like Porsche, which has always been synonymous with its bold, statement-making color palette. It has been an absolute dream come true to collaborate with Porsche, especially during their 75th year, and to be inspired by its rich history. I am incredibly excited to translate our shared love of design and spirit of self-expression into a collection that will take on new life in our homes and on our walls.”

partial closeup view of white Porsche with four colorful stripes of paint running down the side with four cans of paint in front

Since its inception in 1948, Porsche has established itself as a global icon, synonymous with cutting-edge technology and visionary design. The brand has long recognized the significance of color and has offered its cars in an astonishing array of shades. Currently offering 180 colors through its Paint to Sample program, Porsche lovers have the freedom to create truly personalized vehicles that reflect their individuality. This parallel focus on customization and self-expression resonates deeply with Backdrop’s belief in the profound impact of color on our personal spaces.

Ayesha Coker, Vice President of Marketing at PCNA, shared: “Individualization is at the core of Porsche. Whether it’s a custom-built Taycan or your home office, we want to inspire all to dream in full color. Together with Backdrop, we’ve curated a series of bright, saturated colors that hold significance to us and are certain to infuse your home interior design with the beloved Porsche aesthetic.”

angled view of magenta colored vintage Porsche with matching large paint swatch in back and cans of magenta paint in front

Ruby Star: Dating back to 1991 and seen on Porsche 911, 928, and 944 models over the years, Ruby Star is a deep magenta red that is distinct, bold and joyous.

closeup partial view of vintage Porsche painted in magenta Backdrop paint with open cans in front

paint blob of magenta colored paint

angled view of deep green colored vintage Porsche with matching large paint swatch in back and cans of green paint in front

Irish Green: First seen in 1964 on a 356C sports car, the dark hunter green shade is also one of the first colors to grace the Porsche 911. It’s a color as timeless as the sports car itself.

close up partial view of vintage Porsche painted a deep green with cans of paint spilled in front

paint blob of deep green paint

angled view of sky blue colored vintage Porsche with matching large paint swatch in back and cans of sky blue paint in front

Riviera Blue: An electric bright blue, the head-turning and audacious color was developed in 1994 and has been seen on the 911, 928, and 968 models.

closeup partial view of vintage Porsche painted a sky blue color with cans of paint spilled in front

sky blue paint blob

angled view of golden yellow colored vintage Porsche with matching large paint swatch in back and cans of golden yellow paint in front

Speed Yellow: This vibrant yellow first appeared on the Porsche 911 in 1991. Not for the shy or Sunday driver, the color is distinctly tied to the sports car and the Porsche brand.

close up partial view of vintage porsche painted golden yellow with cans of spilled paint in front

blob of golden yellow paint

Backdrop’s collaboration with Porsche marks another milestone in their remarkable series of sell-out partnerships, from teaming up with Barbie and Dunkin’, to collaborating with New York design shop Coming Soon and introducing an exclusive color line with Madewell.

a man and woman leaning on a vintage white porsche car with four colored stripes going down side

Backdrop co-founders Natalie and Caleb Ebel

The new, Backdrop x Porsche four-color collection is available in a custom co-branded collectible paint can that retails for $75 per gallon at

Photography by Ian Evan Lam.

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