Richard Yasmine Highlights Overconsumption in Size Matters

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Richard Yasmine Highlights Overconsumption in Size Matters
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Richard Yasmine’s Size Matters highlights overconsumption, inspired by pared down art and the boldness of simple graphic shapes. The directness of such a primitive approach allows for the endless creation of intriguing shapes. Yasmine’s voluminous pieces of furniture are made using cylinders, cubes, prism, parallelepipeds and more. Brass, glass, recycled compacted material and oversized fabric are pulled together using a belt to form useful objects.

table and chair

Yasmine’s end goal is to highlight overconsumption. By using excessive amounts of fabric – the opposite of the rethink and reduce mentality – Size Matters highlights the less is more theory. The stripped down essentials, chairs and tables, use the bare minimum required to classify them as such. Discarding anything extra or excessive.



chair and stool

shelves and stool

stool and table



collection of furniture

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