Rugs Created With A Unique Generative Process by Taidgh O’Neill

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Rugs Created With A Unique Generative Process by Taidgh O’Neill

Taidgh O’Neill is a renaissance man of sorts. With a background in construction and historic restoration, Taidgh also went to school for fine art, specifically photography. He studied with the protege of Ansel Adams, giving his work a distinctive look.


All these different influences have resulted in a distinct and complex generative process resulting in a graphic collection of rugs. He begins by creating an architectural structure or element using a 3D rendering program, like an A-frame house or a cabinet. Then, he simulates sunlight during a particular time of year to result in a specific set of shadows. Using this virtual 4D scene, he rotates the image until it creates an aesthetically pleasing look, specifically in regards to the tone and shadows. Then, he exports the image into a flattened, 2D representation. In Photoshop, he chooses particular shapes and adds color.


The final images are then sent to the weavers, with specific Pantone colors he’s aiming for. The rugs are woven in India, using silk reclaimed from sari production, resulting in bold, graphic rugs with a distinct and memorable look.




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