RUKI-KRYKI: Handcrafted Leather Goods by Vladimir Kovalev

12.19.17 | By
RUKI-KRYKI: Handcrafted Leather Goods by Vladimir Kovalev

RUKI-KRYKI stems from a Russian saying that means something done very badly by hand, but Vladimir Kovalev’s hand-crafted leather goods are anything but that. Returning to a simpler way of product design, Kovalev creates each of his products by hand from start to finish. This allows Kovalev to be intimately involved with the design and evolve it with small tweaks.

Kovalev’s Russian heritage plays a big part in his collections and he implements traditional skills like wood carving and hand embroidery into his products. He’s added wood sculptures to his repertoire and is now diving into paper goods. He recently created a calendar of old wooden houses + architecture around his city and is now developing notebooks.

For the latest news on what Kovalev is working on, check out his Instagram.

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