The Safari TV Cardboard iPad Stand

It’s amusing to notice as much as we progress technologically, there always seems to be a place for that most humble of materials, cardboard. Just recently Google gave away hundreds of cardboard VR viewers to 2014 Google I/O attendees to fold into a “no-frills enclosure that transforms a phone into a basic VR headset” to use with an accompanying open software toolkit. Pillar, “the lightest portable notebook computer stand”, also made of fluted cardboard (coated with a durable polypropylene finish), met their Kickstarter funding goals, yet another example of cardboard’s enduring appeal.


Cardboard’s durable, yet easily disposable nature also makes it a prime material for combining kids and technology. Partner the foldable fun of constructing with cardboard with a dose of retro technology design, and you’ve got the Cardboard Safari Crew’s Safari TV Cardboard iPad Stand. The recycled cardboard iPad stand’s pre-remote control boob tube design allows access to the iPad’s Home button, FaceTime camera, USB connector, headphone jack, and volume control, and could easily be customized with a little artistic license using paint or markers if the kids want to customize their iPad “television” without damaging the tablet itself. If the Safari becomes victim to irreparable damage, no biggie…tear it up and throw it into the compost or recycling bin. If only all of our outdated devices were so easy to dispose of…



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