Sahre Victore Wilker

I just came back from a week long design workshop held by Paul Sahre, James Victore, and Jan Wilker! I can definitely say that these guys are on the top of my “people with brilliant minds who are super nice” list. The workshop really taught me how to be a better designer and a better person. The things I learned from these guys might sound cliche but these lessons are put in a whole different perspective when it is taught by these great designers/people.

James: Don’t change for anybody

Jan: Work hard and then work even harder

Paul: Don’t be afraid to speak your mind

And most importantly these guys have taught me to share my ideas. A lot of times designers like to covet their ideas and I’ve come to realize that the more you share the more return you’ll get from it. Check out some photos of the event here.

Thank you, gentlemen for a great, one of a kind experience.

Paul Sahre exhibited a bunch of his test print silkscreens that he had accumulated over the years. We were all very fortunate to be given a signed copy of his one of a kind prints!

James Victore is known for painting on plates and I’m so thrilled to be an owner of one of his plate illustrations. Thanks!