Sara Schoenberger’s Louis Collection Will Make You Squirm in Delight

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Sara Schoenberger’s Louis Collection Will Make You Squirm in Delight

It was while searching for a wall-mounted swing light imagined to bring some additional illumination to a perpetually shaded corner that we came upon the smile-inducing wiggly forms of the Louis Collection by Sara Schoenberger. We soon realized Schoenberger’s design looked familiar, eventually remembering the designer was amongst the WantedDesign Manhattan’s Launch Pad Participants a year ago, thrilled to discover the designer had evolved the idea into something even more swinging.

Blue LED table lamp with a wiggly wavy arm evocative of a brass instrument, paired with a ceramic cone base and black power cord set on a pedestal near a small flower.

The original 2022 iteration of the Louis light we first spied was designed as a table lamp, with an indented pattern ceramic mound base, but sharing the same basic wavy-curvy armed form.

Even without explanation, the light collection’s moniker and curvy shape clearly communicates its musically-inspired origins. The Louis Collection is indeed a nod to jazz great, Louis Armstrong, a musical icon from Schoenberger’s hometown of New Orleans.

Red and green Louis Collection swing arm wall lamps. A portion of the red lamp is visible from its bottom half, with the green lamp visible in its entirety with LED cone lamp pointed downward.

Powder coated in bright colors, the lamps take on a graphic, playful, and almost cartoonish personality.

Taking cues from the curved aluminum forms of brass instruments, each light’s swing arm stretches that visual note into delightfully exaggerated crescendos and diminuendos before terminating in an integrated LED light.

Close up of the wavy aluminum black lamp arm and where it attaches to the wall.

Close up of the wavy aluminum blue lamp arm and where it attaches to the wall with a circular base.

The Small, Downlight edition is described as the “perfect bedside reading lamp,” while the Large, Uplight version is suited to produce an ambient mood-enhancing light that bounced light off the walls and ceilings. Each incorporates a wall-mounted swing arm attachment to permit 180 degrees of adjustable positioning.

Emerald Green Louis Collection swing arm wall lamp with white power cord installed onto white wall.

Colors available include Red Brown, Gentian Blue, Blood Orange, Blackened Metal, and our favorite above, Emerald Green. Each light is made to order, so expect a lead time of 6-8 weeks.

Blue Louis Collection swing arm wall lamp hardwired and installed onto white wall.

Brown and Red Louis Collection swing arm wall lamps installed onto white wall, with red version turned off and pointing lamp head upward.

Small black cat comfortably laying across the right side of a bed with small circular side table topped with house plant and La Croix sparking water can to the right, a painting directly above the bed, and a small all white Louis Collection swing arm reading lamp above the side table.

Schoenberger’s Louis Collection is available in both large and a smaller edition, with the $950 Small measuring 5″x 10.5″ D x 15.7″ and outfitted with a dimmable 4 watt LED, and the $1050 Large measuring 2″ x 43″ H x 11″ with the same dimmable 4 watt LED.

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