Savannah Cabannah
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Denver-based architect Andrew Wright needed a house for his Australian Shepherd that was sturdy enough to protect her from the harsh Winter elements. Passionate about design in all forms and sizes, he decided to design and build his own dog house he named the “Savannah Cabannah” after the dog that inspired him. Fortunately, for all of you DIY’ers out there, Andrew’s Savannah Cabannah plans and building instructions are available for purchase.

For $20, Andrew will email you his copyrighted high quality PDF files and JPEG files with 100% accurate dimensions. Or, for an additional $4 (S/H + printing costs), he’ll print the plans out on 11″x17″ paper and mail them to you. The package includes nine pages of very simple and visually graphic instructions on how to put this dog house together. Below are a couple of page examples for the large house, but additional plans available for small, medium, and extra large dogs.

According to Andrew, the project cost him about $80 to complete. This price included wood, a box of screws, corrugated metal, and even refreshments! On this page under “cost,” Andrew gives some great tips on how to save money when building your own Savannah Cabannah. If you’re handy with tools and looking for a great weekend project, this might just be a cool task worth taking on. Don’t forget to make it your own by adding an awesome paint job or a custom sign with your dog’s name on it. And, if you do take on and complete your own Savannah Cabannah, please send us some photos! We’d love to see them.