Say Hello to Hemp Sunglasses

While traditionally used for well, other things, hemp is a very sustainable product that can be used within 3 months, compared to trees that take years to go. It only makes sense that scientists and designers would see how to best utilize hemp in other daily products to reduce our environmental footprint.

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Thus, Hemp Eyewear was born. Sam Whitten originally started Hemp Eyewear out of his parents’ garage, and then successfully got the project crowdfunded. Now, the company is the originator of the world’s first hemp sunglasses.


Based in Edinburgh, individual hemp fiber handcrafted using a combination of modern-day technology and traditional artisan techniques to create a full, sustainable alternative to plastic and metal sunglasses. They currently have two styles, which derive inspiration from the classic Aviator & Wayfarer styles. As a result, due the unique nature of hemp fiber, each pair of sunglasses is unique and has a 100% natural finish on each pair.






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