Scentscape Your Space With These 13 Modern Candles

11.29.22 | By
Scentscape Your Space With These 13 Modern Candles

The outdoors are filled with all sorts of smells during the warmer months – some welcome, others not – but once winter rolls around, we have to create them for ourselves. “Scentscaping” is the idea of designing your own olfactory environment, aka scent. You can use candles, diffusers, incense, and more to create it, as you likely are already. The goal is to mimic spaces that bring you focus, calm, or whatever feeling you’re trying to evoke. It might be the city you last visited, the ocean breeze from time spent with family, or a quiet evergreen forest. It’s simply another element in curating your space to your own personal preferences. You can break it down even further by designating different scents for your rooms, known as zoning. Maybe something warm and woodsy in the living room, cozy and inviting in the kitchen, and light and relaxing in the bedroom. It’s all about creating an environment through scent that provides that extra element of sensation. We’ve pulled together 13 of our favorite candles that are ready and willing to take on the job.


Vinyl Records Candle by anecdote candles \\\ $34

light grey jar candle with accompanying white box that reads Aerangis

No. 0324 Aging Spirits Candle by Areangis \\\ $38

brown and copper gradient glass jar candle with a white label that reads BRALESS

Braless Candle by SIDIA \\\ $58

glass jar candle with two accompanying boxes on white background

Crushed Mint Candle by Kobo \\\ $28

dark grey glass jar candle with a white label that reads CHAPTER MENU

Chapter Candle by Menu \\\ $50

glass jar candle with accompanying round brown box that reads CORD+IRON

No. 9 Tonka + Oud Candle by Cord + Iron \\\ $19.99

black glass jar candle that reads ROAD TO NOWHERE

Road to Nowhere Candle by Buster + Punch \\\ $55

white jar candle on white background

Sea to Sky Candle by Reigning Champ \\\ $75

lit light brown glass jar candle that reads HYGGE

Hygge Candle by Skandinavisk \\\ $45

extinguished black glass jar candle with smoke on a black background

Hinoki Eclipse Candle by Studio Stockhome \\\ $45

lit silver container candle on white background

VELA Jungle Candle by Costa Brazil \\\ $165

two lit green glass jar candles of two sizes on green surface and background

old saint wick Candle by snif \\\ $35+

glass jar candle on top of a stack of pink gradient candle boxes

01 Taunt Massage Candle by Dedcool \\\ $38.50

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