Segment Modular Communication Solution by Noam Fass

Naom Fass is a product designer from Jerusalem who has created a seating system that keeps you connected.

Segment is for those whose communication habits have changed. Whether seating with friends or alone, we often still spend time on our phones or laptops communicating and updating.

Designed for these new habits, Segment is a modular communication solution in which each “segment” or seat can be connected to another segment to create different combinations depending on your needs. Each segment has a USB port to keep you connected at all times. Made partially of mesh, the seats are designed for maximum comfort for long periods of use.

The segment has three main modes:

Chaise mode (above) – full interaction with laptop/tablet/smartphone

Seat mode – interaction with another person with laptop/tablet/smartphone

Social mode – interaction between up to four people

It can even become a sofa.

I think these would be so great for gamers.

Noam can be contacted at [email protected].

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