Sensuous Tableware by Ilan Sinai

Ilan Sinai is a recent graduate from the department of inclusive industrial design at Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem, Israel. In his Sensuous Tableware project, he explores our relationships with meals as presented through a series of thoughtfully-designed tableware catered to the senses.

Text below is from the designer.

Nowadays tableware is just a platform for food to be served in; it separates between the table and the food itself.

From this assumption this project was born, when I wanted to share the tableware as part of a sensory experienced meal and by making the diner active by the tableware.
The project offers a menu of three families.

Each family includes: a first course, a main course and dessert.

The three offers/families are:
1. Senses
2. 20-40-10 (%)
3. Channels and drainages

Senses: sense isolation

First course: the sense of hearing
Introducing earphones that cause the diner be isolated from its surroundings and concentrate on the small differences in the audio of the food.

Main Course: the sense of smell
Olfactory forming nozzle add curiosity as diner smells the dish just before exposure.

Dessert: the sense of touch
A surprising Teaspoon that causes a smooth texture of chocolate become grainy as crunchy. Cause manipulation by the 3d shape of the teaspoon.

20-40-10 (%): the degree of the diners’ activity with the tableware

First course – 20%
Unstable soup bowl that requires the diner to hold and shake it in order to mix the additions.

Main Course – 40%
A plate of pasta which the sides give support as replacement for the spoon. The special fork highlights the axis of rotation to collect the pasta.

Dessert – 10%
A plate as a canvas that allows the diner to mix the dessert and leave his “artistic mark” by applying what is left of the dessert on the plate.

Channels and drainages: mixing flavors and combinations

First course: a bowl of soup in two flavors
The bowl has two additions on the “bridge”. The first addition is added at the beginning.
When the soup level reaches the height of the bridge, the second addition is added and creates a new flavor to the soup.

Main course: steak with two additions of puree
The Center of the plate is raised to emphasize the pouring of the steak fluids.

Dessert: Sorbet in six flavors.
There is a slope to each channel center, from two balls of sorbet. The slope creates mixed flavors from the melted sorbet balls, so there are three vivid flavors and three mixed flavors.

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