Shawn Huckins

Above: GW’s Comment: Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Shawn Huckins’ recent series of paintings are entitled American Revolution Revolution: What would George post? Well, apparently George is ROFLing (that’s Rolling On Floor Laughing in text speak). Huckins got the idea to paint 18th century-style American portraits and then superimpose them with 21st century Facebook updates, tweets, and texting acronyms in large white letters. The outcome is a humorous mix of pop culture and historical portraiture that is meant to raise questions about how technology influences us as a society.

Elaezer Tyng’s Laugh Out Loud Laugh Out Loud Total Bust Squint Face

Mrs Ezekiel Goldthwait: Laughing Quietly To Myself

Henry Pelham’s Jocular Tweet: To Dante – If I’m Just A Friend, Why Do I Know What Your Lips Feel Like??

To Sarah Morris – I Don’t Know How You Got Sick! We Haven’t Even Done Anything In Like A Month, Sad Face: Mr & Mrs Thomas Miffin’s Cyber Tiff

Huckins is represented by the Cain Schulte Contemporary Gallery in San Francisco, CA.

What do you think George would post?

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