Shinya Yoshida Design Debuts New Work at Milano Salone Satellite

07.21.17 | By
Shinya Yoshida Design Debuts New Work at Milano Salone Satellite

Shinya Yoshida is a Japan-based designer who specializes in designing furniture, accessories, and other necessities for the home. In his past life he was an auto-mechanic, then began to pursue his love for design and eventually became a design lecturer at Nihon Kougakuin College. At this year’s Milano Salone Satellite, he debuted four new pieces that serve various functions.

Drape is a smooth, multi-use tray made out of resin. It comes in an assortment of sizes, and can be used in a multitude of ways. It is named drape due to how it looks like a draped cloth.

Dabo is a clean, elegant shelf that is ideal for flat packing. Despite its light construction, it stays sturdy and can hold a large variety of objects.

Ombra is a lighting family that consists of a pendant light and desk lamp. It has a delicate, mesh shade with a unique gradation and textured look. It comes in many different colors, creating colorful arrangements in the home.

Dumbo is a lightweight aluminum and wood stool. Its non-traditional look features a wood handle, making it easy to lift and move around.

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