Sight Unseen OFFSITE 2016: Part 2

We examine the rest of Sight Unseen OFFITE 2016 and all it had to offer this year, with new designs hosted in a new locale. Don’t forget to take a look at the first part of our breakdown here.

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Sight Unseen OFFSITE 2016: Part 2

Germans Ermičs works with glass and mirrors displaying vibrant ombre colors.


Eric Trine has brought his colorful, geometric wares to the bathroom by way of shelves, towel holders, and a toilet paper holder, Plus, he shipped a retro pink toilet from California so he gets mad respect.


Bower brought a hall of mirrors, giving visitors a trippy visual effect of a never-ending pathway and openings to nowhere.


FELT+FAT make handmade ceramics, from tabletop items to more experimental pieces, such as tables. These new marbleized pieces are brand new.


AVO always brings it with their incredible leather goods, like their hand-painted wall tiles and pillows. The new embossed pillows were really beautiful to see up close.


Julie Thevenot wow-ed us with her jewelry last time we saw her, and this year her sculptures and wall hangings are a whole new level of awesome.


Erich Ginder’s laser-cut, interlocking loops of lighting look like three-dimensional chains of fabric.


Jean-Pascal Gauthier exhibited mobile-inspired lighting that’s counterbalanced with plants.


Simon Johns’ credenza had beautiful iridescent panels on the front. Iridescence and bold gradients were a big trend this year.


Slash Objects makes objects from marble, rubber, and brass elements. The rubber is repurposed form old tires. Who knew it could look so good?

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Caroline Williamson is Editorial Director of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.