Simplified 3D Landscapes by Olly Fathers

London-based artist Olly Fathers creates 3D paintings out of wood and acrylic to create intriguing, unusual landscapes, broken down to its core components. Inspired by the architecture and geometric forms that surround us, he creates abstracted landscapes, which examine our interactions with these forms.

Fathers- Olly_A boy is born in hard time Mississippi_200x160cm_Acrylic on Plywood and MDF_2010

Fathers-Olly_Colourfyl trips (close up)

Fathers-Olly_Meet you on the way_2015_Acrylic on Board_79x59.5cm

Olly makes the shapes out of wood then combines acrylic paint mixed with other mediums to drip the paint, and let gravity do the rest. The paint moves around the shapes, in a similar way to how people move around architectural buildings. The paintings are also never “finished.” He then goes on to photograph the works at varying angles, like street views, and creates more prints and paintings. He will also occasionally create films of the dripping paint in action.

Fathers-Olly_Meet you on the way (close up 2)

Fathers-Olly_Meet you on the way (close up)

Fathers-Olly_Summer lovin (close up)

Fathers_Olly_Miami Sunset_Acrylic on Canvas_70 x 60cm_2015



Fathers, Olly_Breeze Block Estate_Acrylic on Canvas_170 x 180 x 3.5 cm_2012

Fathers-Olly_Silk Road_7 layer screenprint_59.2 x 42(Paper SIze)_2015

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