Siphonysta Simplifies Coffee Siphon Brewing Into a 3+ Minute Affair

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Siphonysta Simplifies Coffee Siphon Brewing Into a 3+ Minute Affair

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying a cup of coffee prepared using the siphon method, you probably have never forgotten the taste or the preparation associated with the brewing technique. Compared to pour-overs or brew coffee in a drip maker, siphon brewing requires a considerable amount more care and expertise, with equipment that seems more old school chemist than new school barista. Japanese kitchen appliance maker Tiger is setting out to change that with the Siphonysta, an automated siphon brew coffee system that sucks out the difficulty and pours full flavor cups of your favorite roasts.

Beyond the modernized industrial design, the Siphonysta’s main feature is its ability to simplify and shorten the brewing cycle into a three and a half minute affair requiring only the push of a button. Recognizing half the appeal of siphon brewing is watching the extraction process, the Tiger design team did well to put the Siphonysta’s transparent cylinder as a central visual and functional element.

Siphon coffee extraction comparison between Syphonysta and traditional extraction.

The system is otherwise kept simple without a clutter of front facing buttons or displays (the controls are located up top). Instead the brewer focuses on showcasing the rise and fall of coffee as steam saturates the grounds during extraction in mesmerizing effect. The result is a full-bodied cup of coffee sans the loss of aroma and oils that give roasts their unique flavor profiles.

Siphonysta on corner reclaimed wood desk with laptop and smartphone nearby.

Brunette woman in white shirt filled glass coffee cup from Siphonysta.

The transparent cylinders are dishwasher safe and a self-cleaning routine is designed to flush out the system clean.

CAD 3D illustration of Siphonysta.

Pencil sketch of Siphonysta

The Siphonysta was launched in celebration of National Coffee Day and is currently available on Amazon for $699.99.

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