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Italian lighting manufacturer Slamp has introduced some new lamps in their collection. If you haven’t heard of Slamp before, I suggest taking a look at their delightful products, many of seem to be inspired by insects, flowers and — sometimes it seems — aliens.

Creatures by Nigel Coates
The natural forms of the Creatures collection have taken another step and they now emerge in a soft white shade with a touch of Gold. These lamps seem to fluctuate in space and bring the mysteries of the ocean into the home. The lamps, both individually and in a group, ensure the flowing and dynamic effect of the “creatures” of the depths, rendering your environment modern and full of character.

Mille Bolle by Adriano Rachele
A “brilliant” example of Slamp innovation. The poetical memory of blowing bubbles of soap is transformed into an elegant table lamp.  The refined creative process leading to the executional design and the use of the iridescent polycarbonate finishing create this object which will give a touch of magic to your living-room or bedroom.

Girafiore by Elodie Longo
Like a Sunflower which turns its gaze towards the sun, this is the lamp which “follows” that which is to be illuminated.  The tilted stem of the Girafiore can be assembled in such a way that the light can be beamed towards the wall or towards the center of the room.

The soft, warm light, also available in the ground-to-sky version makes for a perfect atmosphere.

Veli by Adriano Rachele
Inspired by the fluttering frills of a skirt, Veli has achieved great success, and now this ceiling light/appliqué is being presented in a larger size.  Its three low energy consumption bulbs can illuminate large spaces in a wide-reaching and captivating light.  The combination of the two ample surfaces along with the vast choice of colors available creates an effect of special scenic designs both on the ceiling as well as on the walls.

Product descriptions above provided by Slamp.

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