Snuggle Cave Beds from Kona Cave

As luck would have it, I’ve been afflicted with the horror known as a summer cold. My head is pounding, I’m coughing like crazy, and all I want to do is crawl into one of these Kona Cave Snuggle Cave Beds and sleep for the rest of the week. The Snuggle Cave Bed is designed to appeal to a dog’s innate desire to sleep in a soft, covered, protected den. The Kona Cave, however, improves upon the primal cave with modern upgrades, like a removable, vented cover; leather carrying handles and details; and allergy- and dust-resistant Öko-Tex Certified filling. It may not cure a cold, but it looks damn comfy. Check out color and fabric options at Kona Cave.

Katherine, who lives with her family in the mountains of North Carolina, curated her own dog blog for a couple of years before joining the Design Milk team. If she ever won the lottery, she’d most definitely spend it all on live music & airfare to New York City. Other interests include craft beer, banjos, books, & BBQ.