Society6 Launches Stickers!

I’m the type that doesn’t waste an opportunity to use stickers when I have them in my possession. I’ll stick them on my Moleskine, laptop, phone case, refrigerator – you name it, I probably have a sticker there. With Society6’s latest launch of stickers, the only problem I have is running out of places to use them (good thing I have an obnoxious supply of notebooks…). If you’re like me, here are 10 stickers to get your window shopping going. Happy sticking!

Twin Sun sticker by Picomodi

More Coffee sticker by Huebucket

Inhale Exhale sticker by Nature Magick

Be a Warrior sticker by Huebucket

Spirited Away No Face sticker by Whispers Of The Art

Kawaii Sushi sticker by Anna Alekseeve Kostolom3000

Do Your Work sticker by Nature Magick

Relax sticker by Picomodi

laexisBurg sticker by Laexis

SPACE CAN0N sticker by Bianca Green

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