Solids and Voids | An Exploration of Boundaries

03.22.19 | By
Solids and Voids | An Exploration of Boundaries

We would all like to think that creativity knows no bounds, but the truth is that those boundaries can sometimes be difficult to escape. What would happen if we truly explored wide open creative freedom? One answer is Solids and Voids | An Exploration of Boundaries – a collection of 2D and 3D abstractions with works by fruitsuper studio owners Sallyann Corn and Joe Kent with contributions by designer Gabriel Stromberg. The exhibit was designed to give form to the unknown and simply celebrate the freedom of creativity.

You can catch it in person through March 30th at studio e, a contemporary art space in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood.

Allegory 1 and 2

Boundary 1 and 2



Collage 4




Profile Extrusions 1

Solids and Voids Configuration

Three Planes

Tower 1 and 2

Tower 2

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