Sonos Move 2 Delivers 24-Hour Stereo Playback With Greener Design

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Sonos Move 2 Delivers 24-Hour Stereo Playback With Greener Design

Not every sequel requires the reinvention of the wheel, especially if the original design already has a lot going for it. Such is the case of the follow up to the Sonos Move. The successor of the popular portable outdoor wireless speaker that took the Sonos ecosystem out wherever you could carry the robust battery-powered speaker by the cuff of its neck is back four years later as the Sonos Move 2, bringing with it a sizable list of improvements, including a nature-inspired hue.

Woman in striped green and lavender striped sweater walking out from the kitchen carrying a Sonos Move 2 in black out in a backyard deck with cafe seating set in yellow in the background.

A cursory glance and you might believe the second Move has hardly changed, and for the most part the gently curved design of the first generation Move remains intact. The first Move was limited to “this or that” – a monochromatic choice of black or white. The Move 2 adds one more welcome option: a backyard-friendly Olive color that should blend in amicably against the backdrop of a lawn, garden, or pool.

A trio of green, black, and white Sonos Move 2 wireless speakers lined up from a diagonal overhead perspective.

Olive green Sonos Move 2 wireless speaker viewed from front, showings it perforated grill.

The Olive color was inspired by “snowy fields surrounded by evergreen trees to desert landscapes adorned with cacti.”

The Sonos Move 2 in Olive colorway set upon wood deck near gardening basket and potting tools.

Rated IP56, the Move 2 is built to withstand accidental drops, splashes, rain, dirt, and sun, but not full dips into the pool.

Top view of Sonos Move 2 in white colorway showing its touch capacitive controls.

Following the lead of the Era 100 and 300, the Move 2 is topped with a shallow touch capacitive channel volume slider that should feel as tempting to trace by fingertip as its indoor model counterparts.

Angled view of Sonos Move 2 in white colorway against off-white background.

Sonos engineers improved the Move 2’s energy efficiency, reducing energy vampirism – the continual energy and drain power that happens even when a device is turned off – by more than 40%.

The original Move was plenty loud and clear, but was also limited to mono. The new Sonos Move 2 now operates in stereo, fitted with three class-D digital amplifiers powering a pair of angled tweeters and a precision-tuned midwoofer tuned to deliver crisp audible sound, no small thing for a speaker intended to be used in open air environments.

Woman in yellow smock dress carrying Olive Sonos Move 2 wireless speaker at an outdoor backyard shindig with two people on her right toasting one another with plastic drink cups.

The Move 2 connects wireless concurrently via Bluetooth and WiFi. That means you can use the Move 2 without the aid of the Sonos app/ecosystem as easily as connecting it to work in coordination to other Sonos speakers. Par for the Sonos course, Trueplay tuning is included to optimize playback in relation to the speaker’s environment.

A wireless portable speaker is only as good as its battery life, and the Move 2 has that covered with a sizable 44Wh rechargeable battery that is now good for up to an entire day of playback (the battery life comes at the expense of a hefty 6.6 lbs weight, but if ultimate portability is a concern, the Sonos Roam is an option). All that battery life is additionally expanding to share its wealth in the form of a USB-C port available for mobile device recharging. Sonos also made the battery removable and replaceable, extending the use/life of the Move 2 beyond a one and done affair.

White Sonos Move 2 in garden setting near gardener's tools across wood deck.

The Sonos Move 2 is not a reinvention of the wheel, but it does everything to make it roll faster, further, and more efficiently than its predecessor, making the $449 portable powerhouse a strong candidate for one of the best outdoor wireless speakers, again.

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