Sony Life Space UX Aims to Transform the Living Space

Sony continues to look for ways to transform your home and their latest products will have you enjoying a whole new experience. Sony Life Space UX is a series of products that aim to transform any room that’s already familiar into a completely new environment by merging technology with sleek design. All three of the products will be available in May at the MoMA store.

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Sony Life Space UX Aims to Transform the Living Space

The Glass Sound Speaker might look like a high-tech lantern, but it’s actually a speaker that gives the feeling of music being played live right in your room. It offers 360 degrees of non-directional, crystal clear sound that reverberates through the sleek glass cylinder. The sound causes vibration of the glass that’s close to the human vocal cords, which means you’ll get a quality life-like experience. An LED filament adds an ambient light to go along with the music you’re playing.


It’s lightweight, portable, and battery-operated making it super convenient to move to any room you want it in. It connects with your smartphone and other devices via Bluetooth so you can listen to your music or movies with a major sound boost.




Combining light and sound, the LED Bulb Speaker is the size of an ordinary light bulb that you can screw into any standard light socket and no one will be the wiser. You can access your music libraries on your smartphone or other devices via Bluetooth, as well as controlling the sound and light settings remotely from anywhere in the room. It even has a sleep timer setting so you can listen to music for awhile as you’re falling asleep.




The Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector lets you experience a new way to view images and videos on any flat surface. The device projects onto a wall a crisp 22″ image or when pulled back, it expands up to 80″ in width and it’s equipped with internal speakers and a battery so it can easily be moved to another room. Easily control what you’re viewing with your smartphone as it becomes your wireless controller. You can even hook up your cable box or Blu-ray player through the supplied wireless unit via HDMI.




Sony Life Space UX was on display at the Architectural Digest Design Show in 2016.

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