Spa House by Metropolis Design

Spa House, designed by Metropolis Design, is the perfect name for this house, which is located on a mountainside overlooking Hout Bay in Cape Town, South Africa. The house is actually a guesthouse that will ensure your guests never want to leave. I know I wouldn’t!

The house is all about the water with a large infinity pool that even has an underwater viewing room/spa with huge windows to watch people swimming. Atop the underwater spa is a terrace that extends from the indoor living area. The spaces merge with the opening of sliding glass doors. While the house was constructed of steel they did a great job of blending the house with the landscape by covering it with wooden slats.

This house was definitely made for entertaining and most of all, relaxing. Can we go? Design Milk retreat?

The dining area is actually below the pool’s water level!

Who wouldn’t want to spend time in this underwater spa area that features a salt bath, sauna, steam and massage room?

[via ArchDaily]

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