Spaces Etc. Exhibition by Ron Gilad
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The Spaces Etc. / An exercise in utility exhibition by Ron Gilad is one that really grabbed my attention. The simple enameled brass and silver sculptures of items like chairs and cubes and shelves created using lines ask questions about the shapes that define our surroundings.

With about 80 pieces in total, this massive body of work can’t be taken lightly. Although just about the entire collection spawns from a cubic form, the line-like cubic pieces are what are most interesting to me. They seem almost like drawings, and from what I understand were actually created based on plans found online. Each is like a tiny part of house blueprint… some functional like the leather-topped coffee table or the wood and enameled brass fruit bowl, and others seem to be objects for the object’s sake.

This is the “fruit bowl”! Probably one of my favorite pieces.

Besides these simplified forms, there are tons of other pieces including a suspended window lighting fixture and aluminum ashtrays. See the entire body of work here.

For more information about the exhibition, read the Essay on the Spaces website or contact Wright20.

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