Spinn Is a Centrifugal Force, Wi-Fi Enabled Coffee Maker

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Spinn Is a Centrifugal Force, Wi-Fi Enabled Coffee Maker

My wife likes to tease me about my collection of coffee preparation accessories: Aeropress, Chemex, slow drip, Bialetti Moka, espresso machine, and a few other contraptions I keep in the drawer for experimentation. What can I say, the ritual is as satisfying as much as the beverage.

I tend to steer toward manual preparation methods, but occasionally all I want is the instant gratification of a cup produced instantly. That’s where an automatic coffee brewing machine comes in handy…something like the Spinn, an all-in-one, app-connected machine that utilizes a unique centrifugal brewing system to extract flavors to varying and precise degrees.

The options for coffee preparation seem endless today, but a few things remain true when it comes to preparing a good cup of coffee: 1. you need to start with quality roasted beans, 2. the right amount of filtered water affects taste, 3. a burr grinder can make a noticeable difference in taste, and 4. precise timing and temperature determine good from great.


The Spinn is designed to handle several of these factors automatically, with a few technological bells and whistles that separate it from similar all-in-one solutions. First and foremost is the system’s method of brewing – a centrifugal brewing chamber that literally spins beans and water into an espresso or one of the other multitude of other coffee beverage styles. Whole beans are stored in the top chamber of the cylindrical appliance, only to be dispensed on order into a stepless, electronically adjustable burr grinder for the freshest ground before the centrifugal process begins at speeds up to 12,000rpm.


A cup can be produced with the touch of a button or more precisely using a compatible app for more personalized tweaking using seven brewing parameters. And just like an increasing amount of kitchen devices, the Spinn will alert when the hopper is getting low, and allow re-ordering directly from the app itself.


The Spinn app works with IOS and Android.




The Spinn is available in three iterations: Original Pro, Original Plus, and Original. The Pro is the most deluxe, outfitting with a larger bean reservoir, a $200 coffee credit and additional preparation accessories, with prices starting at $299 for the most basic Original model.

Will the Spinn eventually find a place in my kitchen to join the multitude of my brewing implements? I won’t know till mid-2017, when the hi-tech appliance begins shipping. For now, I’ll continue relying on a burr grinder, a scale, an app timer, and a carefully poured amount of water over my favorite beans, recognizing good things come to those who wait.

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