Studio Oddness Creates Vases With Random Designs Using Bubbles

03.22.16 | By
Studio Oddness Creates Vases With Random Designs Using Bubbles

Adrianus Kundert and Thomas van der Sman of Studio Oddness in Eindhoven are fascinated with amorph structures and randomness. To them, these two elements are the antithesis of what is commonly seen in a design world that usually doesn’t accept a random process for creation. After a serendipitous encounter (Kundert complimented van der Sman’s work before realizing it was his!), the two founded their studio and launched their first series entitled Bubblegraphy.




By giving the odd (the bubbles) a frame (the vases), Kundert and van der Sman are able produce a tangible, singular item that embodies the definition of randomness. The duo use a special soap technique of blowing air into the glaze to create the beautiful, organic patterns. At the moment, the vases are completely handcrafted by the two, who feel that it’s important for them to be connected to the products they create, especially with the last step of giving the vases their unique patterns. Ideally, Kundert and van der Sman would like to hand off the ceramic production portion of the process to a factory while retaining the final, most important step for themselves so that they can focus on new products.

We’ll be anxiously awaiting their next collection!








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