Studio OxL Turns Carpenter’s Workshop into Garage Loft

12.26.14 | By
Studio OxL Turns Carpenter’s Workshop into Garage Loft

Rotterdam-based architectural firm Studio OxL turned this once carpenter’s workshop into a loft that’s not only energy efficient, it’s a stunning display of minimalism. The client’s must-haves were to bring as much daylight into the dark space as possible and to integrate his electric car into the design. Yep, his car.


While keeping the industrial feel of the original building, they managed to incorporate a modern outdoor space that would flood the loft’s interior with fresh air and daylight.


The loft is surrounded on all sides by a late 19th century factory building, so they could not install windows into the facade, making the central outdoor space and skylights key.


The central patio is outfitted with double layered glass helping to keep the loft energy efficient. They also installed floor heating throughout.


The glass patio is meant to act as an indoor lantern distributing light throughout. It also helps to divide the public kitchen and living room areas with the private studio and bedrooms. The renovated, 30-meter-deep space is now filled with daylight.


As for the car, they managed to give it a prime parking spot in the living room, transforming the home loft into a garage loft.








Photos by Irene Van Guin.

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