Stylish Outerwear for Dogs from The Painter’s Wife

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Stylish Outerwear for Dogs from The Painter’s Wife

After finding a stray dog in their home’s parking lot in 2015, an artist and veterinarian in the Northwest of Spain decided to take her in and name her Pepa. Over time, they realized that it was difficult to find outfits and accessories to match their style, so in 2017 they launched The Painter’s Wife. The brand offers fresh, contemporary accessories for pets and their owners, and we’re particularly fond of their outerwear for dogs. When it’s cold or rainy sometimes you just have to bundle your dog up and their raincoats and sweaters are not just adorable, they’re going to keep your dog dry and warm. In cooler temps? The Painter’s Wife has stylish tank tops and tees that your dog will be proud to strut on their next walk. Below is a sampling of what the brand makes so if you want to see more, visit the Design Milk Shop to see their entire collection.

Sarah Yellow Raincoat

Sarah Green Raincoat

William Cape Raincoat

Mark R Red Sweater

Mark R Gray Seater

Rosemarie Multistripe Sweater

John B Blue Sweater

John B Beige Sweater

John B Gray Sweater

John B Charcoal Sweater

Agnes Body Mid Season Sweater

David Red Striped T Shirt

David Blue Striped T Shirt

Daniel Red Striped Tank

Daniel Blue Striped Tank

Lisa Eva White T Shirt

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