Sugahara’s Latest Series Pushes the Boundaries of Modern Glassware to Infinity

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Sugahara’s Latest Series Pushes the Boundaries of Modern Glassware to Infinity

Tokyo-based glassware company Sugahara has been honoring traditional Japanese design techniques to push the creative boundaries of glass for nearly 90 years. And their latest series designed by Gwenael Nicolas of CURIOSITY Studio is proof that they have no intention of slowing down. The TEN TEN TEN Collection takes Sugahara’s modern and innovative approach to glassware to a whole new level – boasting modern, asymmetrical forms that create a dynamic display on your table. Led by an uncompromising commitment to craftsmanship, every Sugahara piece is meticulously handmade by their expert team of artisans and considered from every angle – from its aesthetic appeal on your tabletop and how it feels in your hands, to the whether it makes you smile with every sip.


sugahara tententen glasses

sugahara glassware


An innovative spin on the classic, cylindrical shape of conventional drinking glasses, Sugahara’s TEN TEN TEN glasses sit at a 70 degree angle, creating the illusion of movement that immediately catches your eye, begging you to pick up the glass. The series is a testament to the ways in which static objects can be made dynamic, and the emotional responses such transformations can evoke, forcing users to consider their relationship to everyday objects – a core theme explored in Nicolas’ own product design work. It’s safe to say that you’ve probably never reacted to a cup the way you would if you saw these delightfully slanted glasses on your table: you’ll likely do a double take, maybe question whether you had one too many glasses of wine, but you’re guaranteed to feel excited to use them. And while their unique, elegant look is certainly a draw, it’s the joy and thrill of interacting with the TEN TEN TEN glasses that really makes them special.


sugahara 8.8 oz glasses

sugahara carbon 8.8 oz glass


Available in 8.8 oz and 10.1 oz sizes, and 3 contemporary colors – a black, clear, and carbon gradient finish for added depth and visual interest – the Sugahara TEN TEN TEN glasses bring an elevated, modern twist to your tabletop. Whether you use them for water, juice, iced coffees, or cocktails, sipping your favorite beverages is sure to be infinitely more enjoyable out of these stylish angular cups.



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