Surprise! I’m a Workaholic. What’s Your Sleep Personality?

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I am super excited that tomorrow I’ll be sharing with you the design of my new guest room—the first total room decorating project of our new house! We’re not done with it yet, but we’ve at least put all the pieces together. One of the biggest—literally—pieces in the room was the mattress. We certainly couldn’t redo the entire room, plop our air mattress in the center and call it a day, so we partnered with Simmons to try out a ComforPedic iQ mattress. Our guests are so lucky.

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Surprise! I’m a Workaholic. What’s Your Sleep Personality?

I’m up for any challenge that requires taking a nap. Plus, it boasts some awesome features like Smart Response™ Technology and UltraCool™ Memory Foam, that help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. They sent over this fun infographic that has a little quiz indicating different types of sleep personalities.

I constantly reach for my phone and check email in bed. So according to this personality chart, I’m a “Workaholic”! Not too proud of that…but it doesn’t surprise me at all. I’m pretty jealous because Mr. Design Milk is definitely a “Sleeping Beauty”! He could sleep on a burning plane full of snakes that’s headed for an asteroid.

Which one are you? 

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