The Swedish Electric Toothbrush With an Italian Name

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The Swedish Electric Toothbrush With an Italian Name

Home electronics startup Bruzzoni has all the airs of an Italian luxury brand, starting with their name. But dig under the surface and one surprisingly realizes the bathroom electronic accessories company’s line is actually rooted in a studio located in Falun, Sweden – a Scandinavian effort.


The unusual nexus of Italian design crossed with Scandinavian sensibilities was the brainchild of Bruzzoni co-founder, Krister Mossberg. After living in Milan, Mossberg returned to Sweden inspired by the city’s influx of inspiring design flowing in and out of the Italian design capital, particularly in regards to consumer products normally only given a cursory aesthetic pass:

”After I had used and bought maybe five electric toothbrushes, five shavers, cleaned away hair dryers, flat irons and seen all these toothpaste tubes, I started to wonder… Why so ugly? Why so many wires, and why is everyone focusing on technology instead of just combining design and performance without showing all the functions?


Inspired, Mossberg set out to address six goals in redesigning bathroom care devices:

  • Less wires
  • Portable products
  • Better design
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to charge
  • Rechargeable by USB

Thus was born the Bruzzoni Wall Street Collection (adding yet another cultural layer to this already nationally opaque brand).


The Bruzzoni electric toothbrush is one of four planned personal care devices – The Wall Street Collection – including a razor, hair dryer, and hair crimper.



The brand’s lead Wall Street Collection product ships this late November – an electric toothbrush rated for 40 minutes of operation between outlet or USB charging, with an oscillating head engineered for 8,000 rotations per minute for cleaning teeth (a figure in the same ballpark as most competing name brand electric toothbrushes), single button operation and timer cleaning, and induction charging via a USB or outlet powered base. Bruzzoni has kept features as minimal as the industrial design itself.

Future accessories complementing the Wall Street Collection include floss and toothpaste.

Future accessories complementing the Wall Street Collection include floss and toothpaste.

But as satisfactory as the electric toothbrush’s ability to keep enamel white may prove to be, Bruzzoni’s main sell will undoubtedly be the colors of the devices themselves: black or white finishes, accented by rose gold or silver-colored metallic detailing. We wholly expect to spot these contemporary monochromatic designs in our favorite design blogs and Instagrams after this November.

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