A Classic Swedish Kitchen Sofa Gets a Modern Update
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In the past, kitchen sofas were very common in Swedish homes, acting as a sofa/bench for the kitchen table that also turned into a bed. Due to the bulk of the sofa and discomfort, these sofas are becoming less and less prevalent in homes.

Jacob Granat Kitchen Sofa-1

During a class for his MFA studies, designer Jacob Granat was inspired to reinterpret the classic kitchen sofa and turn it into an object that’s the perfect combination of form and function.

Jacob Granat Kitchen Sofa-4

Visually and physically light, his reinterpretation is a more comfortable sofa that’s easy to move around during dinner parties, but also comfortable enough to spend a night on.

Jacob Granat Kitchen Sofa-9

The sofa seats four adults, and can be easily turned into a bed with a few easy steps. The sofa is made from ash and then upholstered by Bogesunds Effect-fabric.

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