SWNA Thinks It’s About Time We Prepare for Emergencies

12.13.17 | By
SWNA Thinks It’s About Time We Prepare for Emergencies

Do you have an emergency preparedness plan? How about an emergency preparedness kit? When emergency strikes the best supplies are the ones easily within reach, so Korean design studio SWNA has designed a kit to keep some basic survival supplies inconspicuously nearby in any room in a most unexpected location: inside a clock.

The Life Clock is first a clock and then a case. Inside the plastic interior hides a a 5-piece emergency relief kit comprised of a lighting rod and condenser to start a fire, a thermal insulation blanket, a small roll of pressure bandage, a whistle, and a yellow SOS banner to catch the attention of emergency crews.

The clock is designed to be openly placed upon a wall or on a shelf for quick and easy access. The choice of bright red and blue exteriors (also a more subtle grey option) makes finding the emergency kit easier.

The Life Clock is available for about $38 online, making it slightly expensive complementary secondary emergency option, but a handsome modern timepiece design in times of calm. But we recommend assembling together a more comprehensive emergency kit suited to your household or office, noting there’s no better time to be prepared than now.

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