A Table Lamp That Creates an Indoor Aurora

If you’ve never seen the Aurora Borealis before, this table lamp by Brooklyn-based design studio Trueing just might be the next best thing. The lamp is the studio’s first released product, and is named Janus after the two-faced Roman deity of transitions, as well as Saturn’s outermost ring, both of which play on the lamp’s design.


Janus features a plate of color-changing dichroic glass (fitting; the material is made by NASA!) that’s positioned in the center of a brass halo of dimmable LEDs. When the lamp is turned off, the dichroic glass plate can look mirrored, colored, or transparent depending on the ambient light surrounding it. An unexpected effect is an aurora-like light show that also plays onto the walls.

From Josh Metersky, Co-Founder of Trueing:

This project began with an interest in the adaptability of dichroic glass. We spent weeks living with it, placing samples around our studio and observing how it would change based on the time of day, its position, the weather, etc. What amazed us was that the glass never created the same effect twice; each experience was unique and momentary as the world changed around it. From that realization, the idea for Janus was born.




To learn more about Trueing and the Janus table lamp, click here.

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