Take a Virtual Tour of Jeremy Anderson’s Debut Show, Piccolo Parade

05.12.20 | By
Take a Virtual Tour of Jeremy Anderson’s Debut Show, Piccolo Parade

In partnership with APPARATUS, NYC-based ceramicist Jeremy Anderson has opened a virtual viewing room of his debut show Piccolo Parade. The installation features 34 unique stoneware and porcelain vessels that are hand assembled from wheel-thrown elements. Anderson’s process exposes flaws and allows the forms to take shape themselves, resulting in a community of characters that “highlights the contours of the human condition.”

Each piece is assembled from the ground up, allowing for individual shapes and personalities to arise organically.

Once assembled, Anderson hand paints a series of lines emerging from each piece’s small circular opening. This meticulous process is repeated in the same manner for each object, but it yields different results based on the varied shapes and surface textures of each piece. Due to the combination of unique forms and line work, each object is completely individual.

“In this moment, as we all isolate for the collective well-being, it feels particularly important to share my work which was inspired by a desire to create community,” explains Anderson. “These piccolos are my friends and have long kept me company. In that same spirit, I’d like to share them with you. In their idiosyncrasies and relationships I hope you see the things that make us all human, as I do.”

Take a virtual tour of Piccolo Parade over on Anderson’s website.

Photos by Eric Petschek.

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