Take Refuge in Musola’s Nature-Inspired NIU Swing

If you’ve ever taken a moment to marvel at the intricate construction of a bird’s nest, you’ll likely see the resemblance in Musola’s NIU swing. Designed by Santiago Sevillano, the unique seat is your personal gateway to enjoying the outdoors through its slow, measured movements. Just sit back, disconnect, and relax with a piece that’s as good-looking as it is functional.

A yellow hanging chair with cushions is placed in a covered outdoor space with a view of greenery outside.

NIU, which means “nest” in Valencian, refers to the concave shape that birds build. They intertwine branches and grasses to create a safe shelter. Taking this element of nature [into account], we wanted to design a unique and representative piece that fit with the fresh spirit and Mediterranean philosophy of Musola.

– Santiago Sevillano, Valencian designer + regular collaborator of Musola

A cushioned hanging chair is placed on a lawn beneath a large tree. Another chair and a table are seen in the background beside a pool.

Visually light, stainless-steel tubing was used to mimic the organic feel of real branches and vegetation, which is also in alignment with Musola’s Mediterranean aesthetic and use of color. NIU’s concave seat and backrest are upholstered, providing further comfort as you sway, whether by breeze or self-propulsion. The material, from Sunbrella and Agora fabrics, can be removed and is protected by a waterproof layer that makes it safe to leave the swing outdoors.

A hanging chair with a cushioned seat is suspended within a metal frame on a grassy lawn. There is a wooden building and tall green plants in the background.

Hang the NIU swing from any fixed support or from the frame designed specifically for it by Musola. The parabola-shaped structure further serves to carve out your own personal space for lounging. With the swing and support frame available in an array of hues, you can match your style and space, whether that’s a patio, balcony, or elsewhere!

A cushioned swing chair with a metal frame is placed on a grassy area next to a concrete walkway and a light-colored exterior wall.

Close-up of a hooked metal rod tied with a white rope

Close-up of a green cushioned outdoor chair with a textured fabric. The leg and supporting frame are brown metal, and a branded fabric tag is visible on the side of the cushion.

A modern, hanging chair with a brown metal frame and light gray cushioned seat, suspended by a hook.

A cushioned hanging chair is suspended by a curved metal frame.

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