Take a Trip Down Memory Lane at the Joke Hotel
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This might be the happiest hotel we’ve ever covered on Design Milk. Designed and renovated by Philippe Maidenberg of Maidenberg Architecture and the Astotel Group, the Joke Hotel in Paris is inspired by the memories and feelings connected with childhood. From bright interiors and nostalgic tchotchkes, this contemporary hotel will have you feeling happy, carefree, and light-hearted — just like when you were a child and just how you should be feeling on vacation.

The main common rooms are filled with pops of colors, children’s toys and books, balloon-like light fixtures, and bowls of candy. There’s even an electric Beetle car available for kids to ride!

The tabletops are inspired by the game of darts while the table legs were inspired by the game of pick-up sticks. The modular furniture used for a breakfast buffet and as an open bar were inspired by festival booths.

The cheerful atmosphere continues inside the guest rooms, where interactive and playful elements like toy cushions and a spinning wheel at the head of the bed make the room feel less like a hotel room and more like a childhood bedroom.

The hotel is located near Montmartre and is only 4 metro stops from the main Gare du Nord station.

What: The Joke Hotel
Where: 69 Rue Blanche, 75009 Paris, France
How much? Rooms start at approximately $80 per night
Highlights: The Joke Hotel is a contemporary hotel with a playful vibe that’s enjoyable for both children and adults.
Design draw: From decor to furnishings, every detail will stir up nostalgic, childhood memories as the hotel is filled with fun toys, books, and games.
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Photos by Guillaume Grasset.

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