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The crafty creators asked to speak at a panel discussion titled “Craft Hackers” at the New Museum in New York City this Friday are all attempting a discourse on the relationship between technology, culture and craft. Using traditions positioned as machine-less, such as needlepoint and knitting, the artists Cat Mazza, Christy Matson, Ben Fino-Radin, and Cody Trepte are merging and defining oft thought separate spheres. For more information on their work check out their respective web spaces, and for more information on this week’s panel, check out the New Museum website.

Ben Fino-Radin, “Personal Computer,” or a fibrous reinterpretation of the Macintosh 128k. Plastic canvas and yarn, 2007

Cody Trepte, Binary cross-stitch of “Can technology be understood outside of itself?” Fabric, 2006

Christy Matson, “Either/Or 6,” or the grey areas that technically should not exist, but often do, in absolute systems. Hand jacquard woven and knotted cotton, 2004

Cat Mazza, KnitPro 2.0 application that translates digital images into needlecraft patterns. Open source, 2006