TEEbooks by Mauro Canfori

TEEbooks is a new wall system that becomes invisible when books and other items are placed on it.

From the designer:

Tee, in the words of a golfer is the T-shaped support that is stuck into the ground on which the ball is placed to get started on golfing. It is driven into the ground to make it almost invisible. It is of a fundamental importance, but only as a support “to serve the ball.” I designed TEEbooks following the same principle, a shelf meant to enhance books, DVDs or CDs, in a simple and discreet spirit. When books are placed on the shelf, it becomes invisible and attention is only focused on “our friends”, the books, DVDs and CDs. Those latter design the wall. TEEbooks, the discreet and invisible item. To the flashy design, I prefer the quiet, plain, sober and discreet one. To the “sensational” (and often useless) item, I prefer the simple and useful object, dedicated to an action, or as in my case, to another object.

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