Telepathy One Wearable Device
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While at SXSW, I stopped by a booth for a Japanese company and checked out the Telepathy One device, designed by design labo Inc. It’s a futuristic, digital device that you wear kind of like backwards glasses except there are earbuds to hold it in place. The prototype that I was able to check out and use myself was pretty cool – it projects a tiny screen in front of your eyes and you can control what you see with your smartphone.

The screen sure was tiny, but it felt like I was experiencing some sort of sci-fi product. It was cool that the eye piece didn’t really seem to interfere with my vision.

Since there’s no release date, it’s hard to speculate anything about this product, but we can all dream about how we could possibly use it… checking up on social media, reading emails, watching movies…

What would you use this for?

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