Tempo Connected Home Gym Ensures Perfect Form Workouts

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Tempo Connected Home Gym Ensures Perfect Form Workouts
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With self-isolation measures in place limiting access to both open public spaces and communal gyms, staying physically fit right now can prove more challenging than three sets of burpees. Recognizing an opportunity, home fitness companies are looking to fill the gap with a combination of on-demand classes and hardware, with one of the more intriguing systems being Tempo Studio, an all-in-one workout system that uses the combination of a set of free-weights, a 3-D motion tracking Microsoft’s Azure Kinect camera, and a 42-inch touch screen display to guide ideal form during workouts.

The Tempo gym system includes, 2x 7.5 lb Dumbbells, 1x 25 lb Barbell, 6x Collars, 4x 10 lb Plates, 4x 5 lb Plates, 4x 2.5 lb Plates, 4x 1.25 lb Plates, 1x Heart Rate Monitor, 1x Workout Mat, and a Recovery Roller.

Unlike typical gym equipment, the Tempo’s design is intended to live and operate out in the open in nearly any room. The 6-foot, 100 lbs angled vertical cabinet takes up only 3-square-feet of floor space and brings the display to eye level, ideal for following guided instruction across the Tempo’s 42-inch 4K touchscreen display. It’s also outfitted with a pair of 60w stereo speakers to make sure users can hear instruction over the grunt of their reps.

But the heart of the system is Tempo’s inclusion of the Microsoft Azure Kinect 3D sensor camera, which permits the system or live trainers to observe user’s form in motion captured wireframe mode with 25 points of reference to instruct optimal, safe movement while lifting weights (Tempo states the system only captures a skeletal wireframe and does not capture “any interiors of your home,” alleviating some privacy concerns.)

If you’re a believer in “form over reps” (and you should be), then the Tempo Studio could be a high-tech system to provide precise guidance bespoke to your body, all without requiring an excess of space. At $1,995, it’s on par with other technological connected workout systems, and includes free white glove delivery, excluding a $39 per month membership which includes personalized, AI-powered on-demand classes and live trainer programming.

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