Terrazzo-Inspired Products and Accessories

Over the last year, we’ve noticed terrazzo making a big comeback and what once was a composite material strictly used for floors has now spread far and wide to include products and accessories. The random patterns were typically made from pieces of chipped marble and stone suspended within a binding agent. Instead of going the traditional route, modern designers are now taking inspiration from the haphazard material and taking it in a more contemporary direction by creating terrazzo-like patterns for various wares. Take a look at some of our favorite terrazzo-inspired goods.

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Terrazzo-Inspired Products and Accessories
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HAY brings life to ordinary pencils with their Terrazzo Pencil collection which are made from cedar with assorted exteriors in terrazzo-like patterns.

From Murals Wallpaper comes the Stone Terrazzo Wallpaper Mural with its classic pattern but in a fresh, contemporary color palette. They have other variations if this particular pattern/color isn’t your thing.

Hand-printed on canvas, the Terrazzo Cushion in Bordeaux is from ferm LIVING, which offers you a fun print to mix with any of your solid colored pillows you might already have.

Whether you just want to add it to your shelf as a decor piece or use it as a paperweight on your desk, the Terrazzo Pyramid, from ZAKKIA, is a beautiful, geometric object in Snow white that will add a modern hint of visual interest to your place. It also comes in Black, Rose, and Concrete.

Designed by Theo Williams for Another Brand, Primo Terrazzo Tavolini is a series of small pedestal tables in three sizes that are made from hand-cast cement with embedded marble chips.

Photo by Alberto Lamback

Zuza Mengham designed the handmade, Z-shape Nexus stool from a birch-ply base that’s cast in resin to give it the terrazzo-style exterior.

Handmade in downtown LA, PROPS are a multipurpose product, designed by Besler & Sons – they can be bookends, doorstops, or simply design objects.

Terrazzo are a pair of hand-tufted rugs by Samuel Accoceberry that incorporate the graphic terrazzo pattern referencing its resurgence in the 1980s during the Memphis Group era.

Carly Jo Morgan recently launched some new work, including these two snake-adorned lamps made with pink terrazzo bases.

Photos by Luke A. Walker

And lastly, Foresso has developed Timber Terrazzo which utilizes wood waste to create a new spin on traditional terrazzo. The finished material can then be used for wall tiles or paneling, countertops, furniture components, or even moldings.

Caroline Williamson is Editorial Director of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.