Tesla Designed a Cardboard Cybertruck for Cats



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Tesla Designed a Cardboard Cybertruck for Cats

The hype building up for the impending release of the Tesla Cybertruck is palpable amongst a specific demographic drawn to its literal multi-faceted design and EV performance. But consider ourselves more curious about this Cybertruck cat accessory inspired by electric truck’s angled bed first spotted by X/Tesla enthusiast, Sawyer Merritt.

Angled cropped view of the Tesla Life Cybertruck Cybertruck multifunctional corrugated cat litter box.

Realized in corrugated cardboard and advertised to shoulder the vital task of offering cats a comfortable spot to “meet the cat’s nature and daily needs,” the Tesla Life pet bed is as an unexpected design as its source inspiration.

Tesla Cybertruck with its rear bed door open showing load capacity set on a sandy landscape.

For comparison, here’s the full-sized inspiration for the corrugated cardboard rendition of the Cybertruck for felines.

Beyond the angled design mimicking Tesla’s reductive angled design, the Cybertruck for cats is a typical corrugated cardboard box with thick folded sides and several layers of thickened moisture-proof corrugated paper. But as a longtime cat owner, questions do arise about the design’s purpose: is that middle “bed” really designed to allow cats to relieve themselves upon? Or is it a pad to lounge on and scratch to their heart’s content? We guess like the real truck, the Cybertruck corrugated cat litter box is multifunctional.

Front entrance view of the Tesla Life Cybertruck Cybertruck multifunctional corrugated cat litter box.

At 15lbs, it’s as hefty and over-engineered as the cold-rolled stainless steel truck counterpart. The product is currently available in China for 89 yuan, or just a little over $12 USD.

As any cat parent discovers in quick time, felines have an amusing affection to park themselves inside cardboard boxes and packaging. So it’s unsurprising one Cat Cybertruck customer has already extolled the design’s ability to attract their feline into the safe confines of their own Tesla.

* A few people have reached out to report this cat accessory closely resembles an award-winning product by Hulumao, a Taiwan-based producer of cat furniture and accessories, released back in 2017. More details about this reputed case of cat burglary here.

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