The 2021 World Design Rankings (WDR) by the A’ Design Award

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The 2021 World Design Rankings (WDR) by the A’ Design Award

The 2021 World Design Rankings (WDR) organized by the A’ Design Award and Competition are now available! This year, China took the coveted #1 spot among the 108 countries represented. The USA followed, along with Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, Great Britain, Taiwan, Germany, Turkey, and Australia. The top 10 countries didn’t change from last year but Hong Kong surpassed Great Britain while Taiwan and Turkey surpassed Germany. Two new countries were included in this year’s rankings: Macau (China) and Iraq.

2021 world design rankings list

The 2021 World Design Rankings show a snapshot of a global design community and is an excellent way to discover + get inspired by designers from specific fields beyond your local regions. You can learn more about individual designers in the “Design Classification Platform”. You can also discover the top designers, artists, and architects regardless of their design discipline on the “Designer Rankings,” which is ranked by the number of design awards won globally. The “Design Business Insights” also lets you see rankings by design fields and creative categories, like Interior Design, Fashion Design, or Industrial Design.

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Photo by Bruce Tao

Grille Bookcase by Wei Huang

shelf lamp

Hourglass Multifunctional Shelf by Yu Ren

Photo by Chi-Shou Wang

Multicolor Sky Interior Design by Yi-Lun Hsu

wall shelf

Photo by Hiroki Watanabe

Parachute Wall Shelf by Yusuke Watanabe

modular table

Photo by András I. Gábor

Mubic Modular Table by Katalin Brigitta Csiki

tissue paper holder

Web direction by Kentaro Iizuka from HOWL STREET JAPAN

TPH Cypress Tissue Paper Holder by Noriko Otaka

transparent chair

Transparent Chair by Xuanang Gao

lattice chair

Lattice Chair Weaving Armchair by Chen Kuan-Cheng

kitchen design

Timeless Kitchen by Alustil Sdn Bhd


Photo by Shamel Shoupash

Ring Bookshelf by Rama Akel

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