The Beam Bathtub Is Elevated to Perfection

At the end of a long day, a bathtub is an especially welcomed sight because the promise of rest and rejuvenation awaits, which is what the Beam alludes to even before you run the water. Designed by Sans Nom Studio and Salaris Studio for Ex.t, an Italian brand specializing in products for unconventional bathrooms, the Beam bathtub is elevated to perfection, thanks to its unique hardwood base inspired by metal architectural profiles. In this visually subtle but impactful design consideration, the base lifts the tub to create a lighter profile versus a monolithic block on the ground.

white bathtub on top of a wooden base

The soft lines of the white LivingTec bathtub body provides an elegant contrast to the wooden base, though Ex.t offers various combinations of materials, colors, and finishes that allow Beam to adapt to any bathroom style. While the base brings visual appeal, its purpose is also functional as it allows the bathtub’s technical elements to hide away from view. Because of this, Beam can be situated in the middle of the room if space allows, rather than just along a wall. Topped with a contrasting metal tray that enhances the cleansing experience, Beam makes a stunning addition to any design lover’s bath space.

close up of wooden base

black tray on top of white bathtub

close up of bathtub tray and faucet

close up of black tray on top of bathtub

close up inside white bathtub

white bathtub on top of wooden base in bath space

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