The Beat Boxed: Beach House

Teen Dream by Beach House is the perfect album for these lazy days of summer. Lying beneath the soft sultry sound is a something a little deeper and slightly darker than what may initially appear at the surface. You might even say it’s something to the likes that of a David Lynch movie. It’s the slower than average tempo and the dreamlike beauty in the voice and instrumentation of Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand that flutters into your mind and dances around like it’s the only thing there. You all should know the rules at the beach house. Relax, Relax, Relax.

And do just that as you watch the video for the Norway, the first single off of Teen Dream:

Now I am just going to imagine I’m at the Lazy Ole Moon Motel in some rugged beach town. The evening haze sets in, and the air is warm and humid on this hot summer night. The hammock gently sways as the warm breeze blows through the open doors. Beach House playing in the background and the vinyl record and the fireplace crackle in harmony. The stone like ceramic chandelier casts soft rays of light throughout the room as the wallpaper appears to dance with the music, soft and seductively. And you can hear the crashing of waves coming from somewhere beyond and the sounds of the night beginning to come alive as I lay in that hypnotic state.

1. Striped Ceiling (source unknown) 2. Vintage Sign 3. Tres Tintas Perlas Wallpaper 4. Heather Levine Pottery Pendants 5. Le Beanock Hammock 6. Faded Rose Printed Rug 7. Manchester Stand + Portable MP3 TurnTable 8. Whale Ashtray (from Urban Outfitters, no longer available) 9. Table with yellow legs (source unknown) 10. Oiled Hardwood Flooring 11. Heath Ceramics Fireplace Tile

Well you know you don’t have to just imagine this. You can head over to the The Surf Lodge in Montauk, take your Beach House Teen Dream LP and spend your days of summer relaxing in the sun, doing yoga overlooking the water, or just detoxing. Sounds like heaven to me!